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Unsecured Business Financing

Unsecured Business Financing is perfect for those who are looking to fund their startups but may not qualify for traditional business financing options such as SBA loans, a business line of credit, or a working capital loan. Made available to startups and low-revenue businesses, this option is also great for people looking for quick funding. This program offers 0% start-up rates with no doc requirements and funding up to $150,000.

Program Overview: 

1.STATED INCOME: No income documentation is required to qualify. No bank statements, W2's, pay stubs or tax returns needed.

2.UNSECURED: This program is completely non-collateralized, but still personally guaranteed. This includes the business credit accounts.

3.TYPICAL RESULTS: This is an aggregate program requiring multiple accounts to meet our pre-qualification. The total combined revolving credit lines can range from $20,000- $200,000 per applicant. If more funding is needed, you can have a credit partner apply such as a spouse or business partner to double or even triple the amount. This will require an additional EIN(s).

4.TYPE OF FUNDING: The revolving lines of credit will come in the form of both personal and/or business credit cards. Each credit application submitted will require a hard credit inquiry. Most or all of the business credit card accounts will not report on personal credit history.

5. INTEREST RATES: Most or all of the lines of credit carry a 0% introductory rate for anywhere from 15 to 24 months. This is stipulated in advance and you would need to accept the terms of each account. After the interest  free period, the average blended rate is 5% and up depending on the risk factor. 

6. TIMING: The process takes about 3-5 weeks, plus or minus, depending on the situation.
​7.  PRE-QUALIFYING: Your lowest credit score needs to be over 680. We will provide a  conditional pre-qualification within 24 hours. *680+ FICO does not guarantee eligibility.

8. SUCCESS FEE: There are no upfront nor any recurring fees. Once the credit lines have been established, the one time success fee is due and can be paid with the new credit cards.

9. SOFT CREDIT PULL: If you don't have an account with a credit monitoring website where you can share your report with us, we can run credit without a hard inquiry. 

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