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If you’ve attended our fast track webinar, you are now aware of all the hurdles that come with trying to fund your brand new or existing business. 


In our many years of procuring funding to individuals and business owners. We’ve vetted lenders, learned their approval patterns and have discovered a back door to obtaining funding in many levels. 


We have composed a list of lenders that even during covid tighter guidelines, have shown a great deal of buying parameters and approvals. 


That is why we created Fast Track to Unsecured Business Funding Roadmap. This is a detailed action plan that will not only get you anywhere from $5,000-25,000 in 1st step preliminary funding. But will include a 3 part touch point to ensure that you will be able to procure more funding in a matter of 12 months.


What you get with Fast Track Roadmap (FTR):


  • Access to our innovative back-door funding strategy process
  • A personal credit analysis and submission to only 2 lenders from our bucket list of over 128 credit card companies 
  • No hard Inquiries for a pre-qualification, so there will be no harm done to your credit just to see what you qualify for (There will be 2 inquiries if you accept your pre-qualification offer).
  • A Funding Range from $5,000 to 25,000 or more in personal funding
  • 0% introductory rate ranging from 6-12 months 
  • A great way to use “other peoples money” to start or inject money into your business
  • A 6 and 12 month email and/or call call to action and business loan coaching
  • Business and personal credit analysis to determine more funding eligibility on month 6 and 12 from program start date (Start Date is determine by: the day you paid for the FTR services)

Fast Track Roadmap

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