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Are you looking for an alternative and creative way to replace your business income or start a new hustle?


Our program cost less than a cellphone, but the ROI can be a side hustle like no other!

If you're a business consultant, accountant, attorney, you sell coaching or mentorship programs, or assist people financially – we have an opportunity for you to make passive income without much effort on your part!


What Do You Get With Us?



  • Expert Finance Officers
  • White label automated client retention emails
  • Complete comprehensive client portal with real time lead status updates
  • Continuing education for the latest funding programs available through our partner university
  • Webinars with your database and followers
  • Social Media white label content
  • Full-spectrum training from our VP of Finance
  • Marketing material customized for you
  • On-site onboarding opportunities available for those that have 100k or more followers
  • The highest commission in the industry (30%) paid to you on all deals that get approved and funded
  • Coaching and meetings with our partner success department to cover client questions, processes, as well as joint marketing efforts
  • Your very own unique API submission page with funding link to maximize funding opportunities


What types of loans do we offer?


No minimum credit  score required

  • Purchase Order Financing

  • Book-of-business Financing

  • 401k Financing

  • Securities Financing

  • Venture Capital

  • Private Investment

  • Equity Investments

  • ​Inventory Financing

400 minimum credit  score required

  • Account Receivable Financing

500 minimum credit  score required

  • Revenue Lending

  • Merchant Cash Advances

600 minimum credit  score required

  • Commercial Vehicle Financing

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Equipment Financing

  • Equipment-Sale-Leaseback

  • SBA Loans

  • Business Term Loans

  • Business Lines-of-Credit

  • House Fix-and-Flip Financing

  • Buy and Hold

650 minimum credit  score required

  • Startup Unsecured Business Financing

  • ​Financing for Coaching and Mentorship

Capital Beez Partner Connect Program

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