Personal Unsecured Funding

All too often in the quest to realize your start -up business dreams, you find yourself giving away precious equity to finance your new start up company. Unfortunately, selling even a small percentage of shares to an investor can change the power structure and cause you to lose control of your vision. You don't have to give up your ownership for startup funding; there is a better way. Latter Financial Groups vast experience and knowledge with startup funding will allow you to keep all your equity and still get the capital you need to start or grow your business right now.

Latter Financial Group is proud to offer our new revolutionary Hybrid + program. This is a product that will allow you to utilize your personal credit to leverage and fund your business. The greatest part of this program is that you can use your personal income source (W2 income) to fund as much as 500k in funding. This is a non-collateralized loan product that can be used to purchase Real Estate, start a trucking company as well as high risk & restricted industries that many big banks would not dare consider lending to. 

We’ve Done All the Legwork For You

With over 300 lenders on our network, we never stop being different by offering alternative and creative lending methods. We have vetted the nations top lenders to provide you unconventional methods that really work. We have eliminated the disconnect between borrowers and banks, ultimately helping you position yourself for approval from the initial application. Our lenders are different from the “stuck up” banks that only like to use the word “no”.  If we can't get you approved today, we provide you with the steps to take to get you funded down the road.

We offer Terms Loans, Lines of Credit, Revolving Business LOC’s and so much more. Approvals can go up to $500,000 (Per Business or Household),  this can be done by leveraging your W2 and good work history.


  • W-2 Income of at least 40K/year

  • Must be in the same industry for 1 yr

  • 680 Credit Score

  • Strong credit profile (credit card on file w/3k limit or more, utilization of 30% or less  

How Do We Do It?

Our in-house pre-qualification tool allows us to determine for which funding opportunities you may qualify without pulling your credit. Thats right-no need to worry about inquiries just to get pre-qualified.

This competitive advantage allows LFG the ability to only go after the funding opportunities you have a 90% (or more) chance of qualifying for.

It also eliminates the risk of decreasing your credit score as a result of multiple credit inquiries which don’t result in actual funding – destroying your chances of getting access to the level of funding you seek.  We can get you $25,000 to $500,000 in personal unsecured credit in as little as 1-3 Weeks.

Call us today and let us get you pre-qualified for this revolutionary product!


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