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*** Our revolutionary program allows you make money even if your client doesn't qualify!


Partner Connect Basic

When you partner with us you will get:


  • Lender Network

  • No Liability

  • Commissions

  • Marketing Material 

  • Experienced in-house finance officers

  • Webinars with your database and followers

  • Continuing education for the latest funding programs and marketing materials available through our partner university.


One time payment for life

Business Accelerate

This program gives you:


  • 6 months of unlimited access to our stateside coaches.

  • Promotional material for your business

  • A seven step process to establish and strengthen your business credit.

  • Webinars with your database and followers (there is a minimum attendees).

  • And the best part – unlimited revenue potential (passive income).



Business Incubator

You will get:

  • Access to our funding team

  • 7 step process to strengthen your business credit

  • 6 months of unlimited client coaching

  • Promotional Material

  • No liability

  • Webinars with your database and followers (there is a minimum attendees).

When you purchase both of these programs you will be armed with the knowledge and products to help you and your clients succeed. Order today and start your journey as a successful business owner.  



$300 off for purchasing both

This program offers a revolutionary network of more than 300 lenders readily available to lend. What makes us stand apart and what makes our partners love the unique relationship that we offer? It comes down to one word: COMMISSIONS!

With this program you will learn the present-day strategies to overcome the pitfalls of venture capital and declines of small business loans. Leveraging our extensive financial knowledge we created a step-by-step process to help your qualified clients maximize their funding without using personal credit.

With this program you get the best of both worlds – our Partner Connect and our Business Accelerate. It offers both for what any business needs to succeed; credit and funding. You will get all the benefits from our Partner Connect and Business Accelerate programs all rolled into one:  

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