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Latter Financial Group is a finance firm founded in 2019 that has quickly become an authority figure in the alternative and creative lending space. Founder Hiram Algarin started Latter Financial Group with one thing in mind – to help small business owners and startup business owners understand the processes required to scale and grow their businesses to create an empire. We have assisted over 38,000 companies and funded over $3.32 billion in loans for small businesses that can’t access regular loans. 

We provide a diversified set of loans including: 

  • Personal Financing 

    • Personal loans (links to the page about each loan)

    • 401k loans 

  • Business Financing

    • Unsecured Business Financing

    • Book of Business

    • Equipment Financing

    • Account Receivable Loans

    • Small Business Loans

    • MCA/Business Revenue Loans

    • Purchase Order Financing

  • Real Estate Financing

    • Commercial Loan

    • Private Money Loans 

We started this company so that every client that speaks to us, needing a loan or help building corporate credit can make a connection with us. We want to teach business owners the blind spots on how to get funded. Our goal is to exceed your expectations from start to finish; starting from the initial consultation call to the closing of the loan. We believe in unparalleled transparency and in the ability to connect clients with pre-qualified options tailored to their unique situations. Whatever business capital needs you to have, we are here to pave the way for you to create new possibilities.


We also have our own affiliate program called Partner Connect Program. We offer a revolutionary network of more than 300 lenders readily available to lend in any industry. What makes us stand apart and what makes our partners love the unique relationship that we offer? It comes down to one word: COMMISSIONS! If you're a business consultant, accountant, or attorney, you sell coaching or mentorship programs, or assist people financially – we have an opportunity for you to make passive income without much effort on your part!

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the finance sector.

We are dedicated to delivering the most human connection possible.



Hiram Algarin


Craig Gibbons




Ryan McRoberts

Operations Manager

Liz Galvin

Liz Galvin

Partner Liason


Team Leader

Kenneth Gibbons

Kelsey pic.jpg

Kelsey Godinez

Team Leader

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 9.43.23 AM.png

Skip Monahan

Partner Liaison Business Coach

Joanita Hatewa

Joanita Hatewa

Software Developer


Luisa Zabala



Image from iOS (4).jpg

Alejandra Ruiz

Loan Processor



Yaritza Piquero

Partner Liaison

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