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Funding to Help Make
Your Entrepreneurial
Dreams a Reality

Get the financial stability for your business so
you can focus on What You Do Best!

Get pre-qualified today for $50,000 to
$100,000 in Start-Up Credit Lines 



Why choose Latter Financial Group?

Innovative Tools

Free, powerful lending tools for personal, real estate, and business loans

Dedicated Support

Knowledgable, professional service when you need it most

Partner Connect 

Our affiliate program connects you to 300 lenders readily available to lend in any industry

Coaching Opportunities

We offer coaching and classes that make it easy to succeed, never get lost again trying to do it alone


Stress-Free Financing 

At Latter Financial Group, our first and foremost objective is to serve you. We understand that getting business funding can be scary, but it doesn't have to be anymore. We walk every client through the entire process, making sure to deliver a satisfactory service.  

Alternative Options

We specialize in helping clients obtain funding with our alternative financing loan options. Whether you're just getting your business started or have an existing company and looking for capital to grow, we have a vast network of lenders that fit most of our client's needs.


Loan Options

Personal Financing

We offer personal loans like 401k Borrowing, Unsecured Credit Lines, and Personal Term Loans. Borrowing against your 401K means, you are borrowing from yourself. Unlike borrowing from a bank, the interest you pay, you pay to yourself!


Real Estate Loans

Are you in Real Estate? Contemplating dabbling in this lucrative industry? Latter Financial Group has all your Real Estate ventures covered. Whether you're purchasing, owning-holding, renting and/or selling property, we can assist your business with more alternative & creative lending options than any other source in the nation.


Business Loans

Running your own business is already stressful enough. Our business loan professionals are ready to help make the process easier. Reduce the risk and work with our lenders to find the best terms and low-interest policies to fit your needs.

Loan Packages

Partner Connect Program

An affiliate program called Partner Connect Program. If you're a business consultant, accountant, attorney, or assist people financially – we have an opportunity for you to make passive income without much effort on your part!

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Get PAID to offer our services 

LFG Affiliate Program, the ultimate side hustle. 

We offer three different programs tailored to fit your needs. Take the first step to unlocking additional streams of income by becoming an LFG affiliate today!

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What Clients Say


Abbie J.

Customer service was fantastic. The Finance Team is very knowledgeable and helped me obtain the funding I needed.

Marlon W.

A BIG THANK YOU to  Faye and Kelsey. Personally, I was very leery with the financing process. Yes, I had to send my personal information online and trust the lending process. I had to exit my comfort zone and become comfortable with how financing businesses work today. All the ladies mentioned were very accommodating, easy to work with, always available and very helpful. The funding process was very simple, easy and we were able to secure over $120K for our business. Impeccable service brought forth from all and if the need ever arises again we will use Latter Financial without hesitation.

Jennifer L.

The funding experience was made easy by you and your team. They knew where to go to get the funding I was seeking. I got $93,000 out of the $120,000 to $200,000 that I was seeking, but that was still a huge win over me hunting and pecking all over the marketplace. So it is a big help in moving my business forward. Thank you.

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